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Brain Institute

This technology … has the potential to help patients with Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, stroke — the list goes on.”

 – Ahmed M. Raslan, M.D., FAANS

  Assoc. Professor of Neurological Surgery, OHSU School of Medicine


 The best in brain care, powered by discovery

The brain is one of the most complex organs in the human body. Containing 100 billion nerve cells that “talk” to each other through 100 trillion connections, it does more than govern our movements and emotions—it literally defines who we are as individuals.  

That’s why diseases and injuries that strike the brain are so devastating. Understanding and discovering treatments for these complex issues is the greatest challenge in biomedical science—and the ultimate goal of the OHSU Brain Institute.

With the help of donors like you, OHSU has strategically invested in exceptional neuroscientists and in a research infrastructure that stands among the best in the nation.  

Today, a number of newly recruited scientific leaders are teaming up with OHSU’s existing world-class faculty to explore the brain in ways few other institutions can. Their combined expertise and ingenuity is shedding new light on several facets of brain science and bringing the promise of lifelong brain health within reach. With your help, they’re ready to take these efforts to the next level.

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