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Knight Cardiovascular Institute

Support the Knight Cardiovascular Institute

The clinicians and scientists at the OHSU Knight Cardiovascular Institute are here for one fundamental purpose: to turn the tables on the world’s leading cause of death. Together, and with generous support from people like you, the OHSU Knight Cardiovascular Institute is leading a new revolution in cardiovascular medicine.

Let’s take heart disease out of circulation 

This revolution will shift the focus of cardiology away from the treatment of advanced disease and toward the preservation of health and vitality of life. The goal: detect heart disease earlier, treat it faster and prevent it from happening in the first place.

Leading-edge research to heal the heart

Cardiovascular research at OHSU aims to tackle some of the most urgent medical issues of our time, including heart attack, stroke, high blood pressure, congestive heart failure, and other cardiovascular diseases. 

OHSU's mission is to save the lives of patients at every stage of the lifespan through new and better diagnostics and treatments. 

Your gift makes a difference. Please support the OHSU Knight Cardiovascular Institute's work with a gift today!

School and Degree Donors Leaderboard
Which school and degree is in the lead with the most donors?
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Rank Answer Donors
1 Medicine - MD 33
2 Dentistry - DMD 20
3 Medicine - Masters 19
4 Nursing - BS 15
5 Medicine - PhD 14
6 Nursing - Masters/Cert 8
7 Medicine - Residency 4
8 Dentistry - BS 2
9 Dentistry - Graduate Program 1
10 Public Health - Masters 1
Dollars Raised by Impact Area Leaderboard
Which Impact Area is in the lead with the most money raised?
Rank Department Raised
1 Doernbecher Children's Hospital $61,658.00
2 Knight Cancer Institute $32,727.00
3 School of Medicine $25,190.00
4 Casey Eye Institute $22,840.00
5 Brain Institute $21,430.00
Donors by Impact Area Leaderboard
Which Impact Area is in the lead with the most donors?
Rank Department Donors
1 Doernbecher Children's Hospital 179
2 Knight Cancer Institute 104
3 School of Medicine 104
4 Brain Institute 46
5 Other Areas of Support 42
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